Celeste MerryMeadows is one of the main 3 members of UnitedPlayerz

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Roblox Edit

On Roblox, she is known as LittlePitbull7

Pirate101 Edit

On Pirate101 she is known as Fiery Samantha Moone, and is a musketeer.

Wizard101 Edit

On Wizard101 she is known as Samantha Firecaster, and is a fire wizard.

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Fun Facts Edit

  • Her favorite color is Medium Brown
  • She has 9 chinchillas, Chevy, CJ, Charlie, Cassie, Chiquita, Chelsea, Chewy, Cookie, and Candy. Chevy is the father of them all, EXCEPT Cassie.
  • She has 5 cats, Mama Kitty, Wood, Jake, Dat, and Marshmallow
  • She has 4 dogs, Eddie, Cuddley Duddley, Amos, and Oreo
  • Her favorite food is pizza
  • Her and Madame Seed are sisters (IGN)
  • She collects necklaces and mood rings
  • She loves watching comedies/cartoons
  • Favorite shows are Family Guy, Doctor Who, and etc.