Color is one of the guest stars of the UnitedPlayerz.

Background Info Edit

Color's favorite color is blue.

Roblox Edit

On Roblox, Color is known as XxFearlessFaithxX.

Pirate101 Edit

On Pirate101, Color is known as Kelsey, a musketeer.

Wizard101 Edit

On Wizard101, Color is known as Andrea Mythshard, and is a death wizard.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • Color play's tennis 
  • She loves the color blue
  • She has 2 dogs in real life
  • She hates shopping
  • She has 1 sister in real life
  • Her favorite games on Roblox are Avatar and Paintball
  • Her favorite faces are o: o.o c: 
  • She loves Roblox
  • She LOVES bacon